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TCT router bits with teeth are upgrades based on TCT straight flute router bits. Due to the addition of teeth, TCT router bit has stronger cutting ability and chip holding ability. Similar to the use of rough milling cutter, bit with teeth performs well in high-speed machining.

We have a long history of 8 years for the R & D and production of bits with teeth. The reason is to cut the sawdust smaller like rough milling cutter, which is convenient for mechanical dust collection. Through continuous exploration, we can get the golden ratio of cutting edge to teeth.

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The manufacturing process of a is basically the same as that of router bits. Different alloys can be selected according to different processing conditions. Moreover, due to the addition of teeth, the accuracy requirements and alloy quality of bits with teeth are often higher than those of router bits.

The use environment of TCT router bits with teeth is also very similar to that of normal bits, but it also takes into account the advantages of TCT bits without edge explosion. Although the chip holding capacity is not as good as roughing milling cutter, it can meet more stringent processing requirements, and the cutting surface is smoother.

TCT welding process also makes a have an affordable price. At the same time, it can meet the combination of more handle diameters and different blade diameters.

Of course, compared with router bits without teeth, the TCT router bits with teeth may not have so many choices. The blade diameter shall be greater than or equal to 6mm, and the blade length shall be greater than or equal to 20mm. Small router bits also do not need teeth to improve cutting capacity.

If you need better chip holding capacity and low noise, a will be your best choice.

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