TCT CNC Compression router bits

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TCT compression router bit is an upgraded version of TCT based on compression milling cutter.

Like milling cutter, it is also manufactured by 5-axis CNC machine tool.

The difference is that a is made of shorter alloy under the same specification, which reduces the cost and makes the price more favorable. At the same time, TCT welding also gives a more choice of shank size. A has more space in the choice of specifications and prices.

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In terms of size, compared with straight router bits, the blade diameter of compression bits is often longer, and the size tends to be the same. In the selection of larger specifications, TCT router bits has more advantages.

In production, the 5-axis CNC grinding machine also makes a more accurate and customizable (with broken teeth). The choice of alloys is also more high-quality alloys to ensure processing in a more demanding environment.

As for TCT compression bits, the design of composite edge also makes it not easy to burst like milling cutter, which can ensure the smoothness of both sides. The design of spiral groove also increases the chip holding capacity. However, the chip removal capacity is reduced, so there are relatively high requirements for the dust collection function of the machine.

There are also more schemes for the design of the handle, compared with the smooth handle design of milling cutter. TCT compression bits can adopt a variety of convenient designs such as large head handle and locating ring handle, and will not cause too much cost increase. In use, TCT compression is also more convenient than milling cutter, and there is no big gap in service life without overusing.

So under some conditions, TCT compression router bits is better than compression milling cutter in all aspects, which is why we designed it.

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