CNC woodworking Solid Carbide roughing miliing cutter

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Our rough end milling cutter is manufactured by a 5-axis CNC grinder.

Rough end milling cutter can quickly remove a large amount of material. This end milling cutter uses the wavy tooth shape cut at the periphery. All of our milling cutters are made of tungsten carbide and there are many level of hardness for you to choose– HRC 45 /HRC 55/HRC 65/HRA 90/HRA92(Default HRA 92).

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These wavy teeth, like many continuous cutting edges, produce many small chips.This results in a relatively rough surface finish, but the chips are in the form of shorter flakes and the thicker banded parts are easier to handle, resulting in smaller chips that are easier to remove.

You can tell us the shapes of teeth you want.

In the cutting process, multiple teeth are in contact with the workpiece at the same time, reducing chatter and vibration. Rapid cutting using re milling is sometimes called up milling. Rough end mills are sometimes referred to as "rippa" or "Ripper" cutters.

Because it is used in the woodworking industry, in the process of processing, we choose alloys with higher hardness, even above HRA 92.

And the processing is done in one step by a five-axis CNC grinding machine. The accuracy of the machine tool will be inspected and adjusted for each production to ensure that the final machining accuracy is within 0.01mm. Our length of rough milling cutter is always long, and most diameters of them are big. The longest one is 330mm and cutter length is 165mm. Biggest diameter is 20mm.

At the same time, for all milling cutters, our processing efficiency is very fast. The delivery date of non standardized products is within 15 days.

Rough milling cutter is often used in the keyhole processing of hardwood doors.

If you do not need a high surface finish, rough milling cutter must be your best choice.

CNC woodworking Solid Carbide roughing miliing cutter1

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