TCT CNC straight flute wood cutters router bits

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Technical Details:

  • Premium quality super-Tungsten Carbide+Strength Steel 
  • 2 straight  cutting edges(Z2)
  • Provide excellent finish on bottom side of the workpiece
  • Upward chip ejection



Used on boring machines alone and dowel drilling devices .

Use for drilling through holes in solid wood ,wood composites ,MDF , plywood ,hard and soft wood. 



TCT router bits are main woodworking cutter in China.

TCT router bits is one kinds of milling cutter which one with straight flute. TCT is one is an abbreviation of welding technology. We weld carbide milling cutter and steel shank together. So it has cheaper price and wider choice for shanks size.

And TCT bits have more mass production specifications, so we can produce and stock goods faster.

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Production capacity of YASEN factory

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Product description

For the shank design of TCT router bits, there are many kinds of shank - straight shank, big head shank, positioning ring shank and other design. Except straight shank, these designs are for positioning when the user uses it, to ensure the same position for each clamping, reduce tool setting and facilitate use.

At the same time, we can also make adjustments to the handle according to the customer's requirements for the finish of the handle. These are accomplished by changing materials as well as processes.

We have also added teeth design to the three-flute router bits. These teeth increase the volume of cutter and cutting capacity of the milling cutter. And at the same time, they are quieter when used, reducing noise pollution.

For each batch of TCT router bits, we have our own sampling test and then mass production to ensure the quality of each bits.

In the production process, whether welding or grinding, we use fully automatic production methods to produce router bits. The automated production structure also greatly improves our production efficiency and precision.

Because Straight flute would not make edge explosion, and has better chip removal.

There are customers all over the world, so that the technology of TCT is quite mature. We can basically meet the different requirements of various regions.

If you need a high surface finish on two hand and cheaper price, TCT router bits will be a good choice for you.


Number Handle diameter Number of teeth Blade diameter/D Blade length/L
160101/160201/160301 1/2,1/4,12 1 1 4
160102/160202/160302 1/2,1/4,12 1 1.5 5
160103/160203/160303 1/2,1/4,12 2 2 6
160104/160204/160304 1/2,1/4,12 2 3 10/12/15
160105/16020/160305 1/2,1/4,12 2 3.5 12/15
160106/160206/160306 1/2,1/4,12 2 4 10/12/15
160107/160207/160307 1/2,1/4,12 2 4 20/27
160108/160208/160308 1/2,1/4,12 2 4.5 15
160109/160209/160309 1/2,1/4,12 2 5 12
160110/160210/160310 1/2,1/4,12 2 5 15
160111/160211/160311 1/2,1/4,12 2 5 20
160112/160312 1/2,12 2 5.5 12
160113/160313 1/2,12 2 5.5 15
160114/160314 1/2,12 2 6 12
160115/160315 1/2,12 2 6 15
160116/160316 1/2,12 2 6 20
160117/160317 1/2,12 2 6 25
160118/160318 1/2,12 2 7 25
160119/160319 1/2,12 2 8 25/30
160120/160320 1/2,12 2 10 30

Manufacturing process

1. Fine partides of tungsten steel with the technology of ow temperature welding prooess.
2. The four axos CNC gnnding machine has the technology of one-step molding make higher precision

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