NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits

At present, the demand for 15mm and 35mm drilling in the industry is increasing, and the traditional A has been difficult to keep up with the development speed of CNC processing equipment.

In order to meet the needs of customers, we have strengthened the research and development of this type of product. Recently, we have launched several new products one after another.

X-FT: We combined the design of the FT with the B, allowing the X-FT to have a stronger cutting capability while simplifying the shape. We adopted the method of flat welding, the transition is more stable and the connection is more perfect. Because X-FT has a helical groove, it is more flexible in the design of the helix angle, and can work at a higher speed.

In terms of price, under the same specifications, the price ratio between X-FT and FT and KJ-2 is not much different.

At present, the 15mm X-FT has started mass production, and the 4-Blade KJ-2 with the same design as the X-FT is also available in 8-15mm.

3.NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits2
3.NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits3

3T-FT: 3T-FT is 3 blades forstner bits which consists of 7 alloys ( forstner bit consists of 5 alloys). 3T-FT adopts a brand new arc positioning welding, and the body is also manufactured by a 5-axis machining center. The overall quality of 3T-FT is very uniform, and the appearance has many changes compared to the old style 3T-FT and forstner bits.

The 3-tooth design also makes the hole punched by 3T-FT smoother and more accurate in the same state. Because itself is also fully CNC manufactured, it is smoother in both cutting and rotation, and its durability has also been improved.

After our test, the service life of A is twice that of B under high speed (3000-5000s/min) machining.

Because of new design, 3T-FT orders for the range of 33-35mm.

3T-X Bits: 3T-X bits is a type product improved from hinged drills. It consists only of an alloy head and a steel body. The highly integrated design makes it stronger, and the clip-on welding method also makes it more precise.

The helical design makes it have a larger volume and a longer cutting edge, and it can play a better effect under high-speed(4000-8000) machining.

Due to the special design, currently A only accepts orders of 35*70mm 3T-X bits.

3.NEW Design For YASEN Woodworking Drill bits4

Post time: Apr-13-2022