How to select the proper CNC router bit for wood?

What do you think is to choose the right woodworking tools and pay attention to a cost performance ratio. At present, "YASEN Hardware Cutter" is the famous tools manufacturers in China with very good quality. If you want a better China router bit, you can choose YASEN directly. In addition, the milling cutters on the market can be divided into three grades: ordinary, high-quality and high-grade. Some ordinary milling cutters have very ordinary packaging, which can be seen as ordinary at a glance. There is also a class of ordinary milling cutters with paint and transparent shell. This kind of milling cutter looks like a high-quality product, which is ordinary in nature. You should be careful when choosing. Some high-quality milling cutters have simple packaging, while others have fancy packaging. This kind of cutter mainly depends on the sharpness of the blade. Generally speaking, the brighter the blade is, the better the workmanship is. High grade milling cutter is reliable in quality but expensive.
Woodworking router cutter has two main functions. One is to use the edge milling to shape and carve, which is the main function of the cutter. Second, it is used as a drilling tool to drill holes or perform engraving and milling operations on plates. From a geometric point of view, the end clearance of the engraving and milling cutter is very important for both drilling operations and non engraving and milling operations, especially for the latter, it can make chip removal more smooth.

Select milling cutter according to cutting diameter:

The cutting diameter is determined by the width of the groove to be processed and the thickness of the material. For example, users should not use a 1/4-inch diameter milling cutter to cut work pieces with a width greater than 3/4-inch. It is more practical to use a milling cutter with a larger diameter. However, it may also occur that the above conditions cannot be met, and a decision must be made on whether to risk using a router with a long cutting edge. If you decide to use a long cutting edge router, the risk of tool breakage increases.

Select according to the blade length:

he length of the cutting edge cannot exceed three times the diameter of the router. For example, the cutting edge length of a 3/8-inch router should not exceed 1-1/8-inch. Most router manufacturers provide long cutting edges, but it is generally not recommended to use long cutting edges.


Post time: Oct-08-2022