CNC Machining Solid Carbide Roughing Spiral Bits End Milling Cutter

Short Description:

 Technical Details:

  • Premium quality super-micrograin carbide 
  • 3 spiral cutting edges (z3)
  • Tooth depth max 0.3mm 
  • For fast routing on CNC equipment when edge finish is less important 
  • Downward chip ejection 



For fast removal of material in panel sizing operation 

For fast feed rates on CNC  routers, machining centers and point machines for ripping panel sizing template routing and other routing applications 

  • MOQ: 20pcs
  • PACKING: 50 pieces put in one box(200mm*200mm*100mm),and 9 boxes put in one carton(330mm*300mm*230mm)
  • MATERIAL: Tungsten Carbide
  • Product Detail

    Production capacity of YASEN factory

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    Super abrasion, high precision,light cutting and no burrs around hole side.

    Selection of high quality steel material,high hardness,long service ,not easy broken.粗铣刀2

    Fine particles of tungsten steel cutter head and low temperature welding process ensure the quality of weld.

    6 mm 20 mm 6 mm 75 mm 2
    10 mm 30 mm 10 mm 75 mm 2
    12 mm 30 mm 12 mm 75 mm 2
    8 mm 30 mm35 mm 8 mm 70 mm85 mm 3
    10 mm 35 mm 10 mm 75 mm80 mm 3
    12 mm 30 mm35 mm50 mm 12 mm 75 mm83 mm100 mm 3
    14 mm 65 mm 14 mm 120 mm 3
    16 mm 40 mm45 mm105 mm 16 mm 90 mm100 mm165 mm 3
    18 mm 105 mm 16 mm 165 mm 3
    20 mm 30 mm34 mm60 mm105 mm 16 mm20 mm 75 mm83 mm120 mm165 mm 3
    22 mm 105 mm 20 mm 120 mm 3

    Customerized Accepted

    Non-standard can be customized according to customer’s requirements.


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  • Mianyang Yasen hardward Tools Co.,Ltd specialized in various of woodworking dowel drills, Hinge boring bits, quick joints and Solid carbide milling cutters,having excellent design, advanced production equipment, advanced detection equipment and professional team. Using a full set of advanced C N C machine production lines and advanced production technology. The material of tool bit will use the ultrafine particles of tungsten carbide, making the bit have high precision, excellent properties sharp and wearable. Controlling the product strictly and do not allow any defective products into the market. All of them are the Yasen‘s prominent characteristics. Whatever the management layer, the executive layer or the service staff all can assist the customers to solve all of the problems with the classic professionally quality and enthusiastic service.
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